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അംഗം (angam)

body,limb,member,one of a group,a part of the Vedas.

അംഗക്രിയ (amgakriya)

verbal adjective,participle

അംഗജ (amgaja)

born of the boady,daughter

അംഗജന്‍ (amgajan)

cupid(the god of love),son

അംഗത്വം (amgathwam)


അംഗദന്‍ (amgadan)

son of Bali,son of Lakshmana and Urmila,son of Gada,lord Krishna's brither.

അംഗന (amgana)

woman,a beautiful woman.

അംഗപ്രകാശം (amgaprakasham)

beauty of the body

അംഗപ്രത്യംഗ (amgaprathyamga)

of every limb,limb by limb

അംഗഭംഗം (amgabhamgam)

loss of limbs,physical deformity/handicap,mutilation,injury to limbs.

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