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ഇളപ്പം (ilappam)

juniority, state of being young, inferiority, disgrace, tenderness, unripeness immaturity.

ഇളവന്‍ (ilavan)

a kind of ash-gourd.

ഇളയ (ilaya)

young, younger, junior, immature, soft.

ഇളയമ്മ (ilayamma)

mother's younger sister.

ഇല്ലായ്ക (illaayka)

state of having nothing , nothingness , naught.

ഇല്ലം (illam)

house esp, the house of a Nampoodiri (Brahmin)

ഇല്ലാത്തത് (illathathu)

falsehood, slander, sth, not true.

ഇല്ലായ്മ (illayama)

nothingness, lack, naught, poverty.

ഇമ (ima)

eye- lash.

ഇമെയില്‍ (imail)

e-mail (electronic mail).

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കഷ്ടത (kashtatha)
misery , trouble , hardship , pity , poverty.
കഷണിക്കുക (kashanikkuka)
cut into pieces.
കഷണം (kashanam)
piece , slice.