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യ (ya)

the twenty sixth consonant in the malayalam alphabet

യജമാനന്‍ (yajamaanan)

a man who performs Yaga at his own expense , one who has a Yaga performed , owner , master , lord , boss , head of the house-hold.

യജിക്കുക (yajikkuka)

perform Yaga or holy sacrifice.

യജ്ഞം (yajnam)

Yaga , holy sacrifice , worship , dedicated work for the good of the world.

യത്തീം (yatheem)

(Arab.) a child who has lost his father , an orphan.

യത്തീംഖാന (yatheemgaana)


യത്നം (yathnam)

effort , attempt , endeavour , diligence , attention , exertion.

യത്നിക്കുക (yathnikkuka)

put in effort , exert , attempt , try , labour.

യഥാകാമം (yathaakaamam)

as per one's wish , optionally.

യഥാകാലം (yathaakaalam)

in due course , at the proper time.

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കഷണിക്കുക (kashanikkuka)
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