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മക്കം (makkam)

way, path, weaver's loom.

മങ്ക (manka)

woman (girl), a coquette or frolicsome young woman.

മങ്ങല്‍ (mangal)

dimness , fading out , clouding , loss of light.

മങ്ങുക (manguka)

become dim, lose brightness, be outshone or overwhelmed.

മച്ചം (macham)

model, pattern, sample.

മച്ചകം (machakam)

room with a boarded ceiling.

മച്ചി (machi)

a barren woman.

മച്ച് (mach)

ceiling paved with planks , upper storey of a building , apartment , closet , arrogance , attic.

മഞ്ചം (mancham)

sofa , cot , elevated watch-shed , throne , platform.

മഞ്ജരി (manjari)

bunch of flowers, a tender bunch, climbing vine, holy basil, name of a Dravidianmetre, bouquet.

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കഷ്ടത (kashtatha)
misery , trouble , hardship , pity , poverty.
കഷണിക്കുക (kashanikkuka)
cut into pieces.
കഷണം (kashanam)
piece , slice.