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ഭ്രാന്ത് (bhraanth)

madness , insanity , foolish act , absurd opinion.

ഭൗതികം (bhouthikam)

that which is about the five element. that which is materialistic or physical , pearl , marking-nut tree.

ഭൗതികത (bhouthikatha)

materiality , material state.

ഭൗതികവാദി (bhoudikavaadi)

materialist , one who does not believe in the existence of 'soul' or 'spirit'.

ഭൗതികവിശ്വാസം (bhouthikavishwaasam)

corporeality , belief in only material things or in materialism.

ഭൗതികശാസ്ത്രം (bhouthikashaasthram)

physics , natural philosophy , physical science.

ഭൗമനിലയം (bhoumanilayam)

earth station.

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കഷ്ടത (kashtatha)
misery , trouble , hardship , pity , poverty.
കഷണിക്കുക (kashanikkuka)
cut into pieces.
കഷണം (kashanam)
piece , slice.