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ഏകമതി (eakamathi)

having the mind fixed only on one thing, unanimous.

ഏകമനസ്കത (ekamanaskatha)

having the same mind , thought or idea , unanimity.

ഏകമുഖ (eakamukha)

face directed towards one object only, having only one entrance or door, having only one aim or objective, having only one way, or aspect, single-faced.

ഏകരീതി (ekareethi)

uniform manner , the same manner or way.

ഏകലനം (eakalanam)

singling out, isolation, separation.

ഏകവചനം (ekavachanam)

a single word , the singular number.

ഏകശാസനം (ekashaasanam)

one man's rule , monarchy , autocracy.

ഏകസ്വരത (ekaswaratha)

humdrum nature , monotony , uniformity of opinion.

ഏകാകി (eakaki)

one who is solitary or alone, a lonely person.

ഏകാഗ്ര (eakagra)

with the mind concentrated only on one object, single- pointed, single minded.

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