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ഈടുവയ്ക്കുക (eeduvaykkuka)

give as security , pawn , remit into the treasury.

ഈടുവാങ്ങുക (eaduvanguka)

get a security or surety.

ഈടുവെപ്പ് (eaduveppu)

remitting into the treasury, government treasury.

ഈട് (eedu)

strength , hardness , security , durability , endurance , pledge , close texture , pawn.

ഈട്ടം (eaddam)

collection, heap, assembly, increase, accumulation.

ഈട്ടി (eaddi)

costly kind of timber, black wood, rosewood.

ഈണം (eanam)

cadence, melodious tone, tune.

ഈണം പകരുക (eanampakaruka)

give tunes to songs, set music to songs.

ഈദുല്‍ ഫിത്തര്‍ (eadulphithar)

little or minor festival, the festival Ramzan.

ഈയം (eayam)

lead, (fig) Way-Wardness, madness.

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കഷ്ടത (kashtatha)
misery , trouble , hardship , pity , poverty.
കഷണിക്കുക (kashanikkuka)
cut into pieces.
കഷണം (kashanam)
piece , slice.